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The Palace Resorts properties are some of the most beautiful resorts in the world and they have 10 properties that are all luxury high end resorts with plenty of services and perks for the guests who stay with them. Three of the properties are Moon Palace Resorts with one of them located in Jamaica and the other two located in Cancun Mexico. All the Palace Resorts properties are located in Jamaica and Mexico and they are all beautiful oceanfront locations with a ton of amenities.

The resorts offer many services for any different needs including weddings, business meetings or group discounts for large parties staying at any Palace Resort location as a group. This is a must for wedding parties to accommodate friends and family at a nicely discounted rate. There are some services offered free of charge that include free WiFi and free long distance calls to the Continental US.

The Palace Properties are rated 4 and 5 stars in most reviews and there’s a good reason for that high of an over all review. The Chefs at all the Properties are award-winning culinary masters and the properties themselves are all award-winning. Palace Resorts also created the Palace Foundation, an outstanding foundation noted for their work helping sick children with free trips to Disney and the foundation also gives students educational scholarships as well.

Professional golfer Lorena Ochoa, who played on the U.S.-based LPGA Tour from 2003 to 2010, and was the top-ranked female golfer in the world for over three years is partnered with Palace Resorts and the Palace Foundation. Together with Fundacion Palace, Ochoa hosts Palace Resorts’ annual golf tournament at their signature property Moon Palace Cancun. Participants test their skills at the resort’s challenging Jack Nicklaus course, the first of its kind in the Mexican Caribbean.

The proceeds of the tournaments go towards the maintenance and enhancement of the Palace Foundation’s Casa Hogar, an orphanage where local Mexican children receive housing, healthcare and formal education. Proceeds also go towards giving academic scholarships to the students of the La Barranca Educational Center, the main project of the Lorena Ochoa Foundation. Golfers from all over the world join Ochoa and Palace Resorts executive teams with the traditional welcome dinner at The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun Crystal Salon.

The Palace Resorts Moon Palace gets a 5 star rating because of location, amenities, room quality and the service staff. Most anything you need is readily available by simply asking, service and hospitality is what they’re noted for with guests who stay. You can sit at the Tiki bar in a hanging swing or hang at the pool bar in the water or out of the water all while enjoying a cocktail of your choice. Palace Resorts are very family friendly and offer many families activities for kids of all ages from young to teenagers.

Moon Palace Cancun


There are plenty of activities that will keep you busy at Palace Resorts Moon Palace with unending days of non-stop fun. Everybody likes riding the water wave called Flowrider, it’s a kids favorite, but adults also love riding the wave. For any children they offer the children’s club which they call the playroom for children to 12 years old, under 4 supervised.

These activities are offered between two playrooms, one is called Sunrise and the other is called Nizuc and they are open from 9am until 10pm every day. The activities include a dollhouse, a creativity area, an Xbox and PlayStation room, a theater with cushioned seats, labyrinth, a sandbox, a baby area, a swing garden, monkey bars and a seesaw.

Adults can experience the Awe Spa and treat themselves to pampering with hydrotherapy massages, bath therapy’s, facials and body scrubs all done in one of 36 spacious treatment rooms. The Wired Lounge is an awesome place where you have an arcade and console video games with internet access for you to play. They also serve a specific food menu and you can stay and play for as long as you wish.

You can enjoy many tours that are absolutely spectacular of Mexico areas like the ancient Mayan temples or maybe you prefer to do a snorkeling tour. You can take the jungle tour through the mangrove jungle of the lagoon on the Aqua Twister jet boat and you can snorkel from the boat as part of the package you choose for any stay with Palace Resorts.

They offer special activities including bicycles, swimming, poolside games and contests and in the evenings they offer musical acts, themed parties, karaoke and a Mexican Fire Show. For nightlife, they have bars and clubs where you can dance all night to DJ’s who keep the party going. NOIR serves top shelf alcohol and has a VIP section with bottle service. Moon Palace also offers unlimited golf on their Jack Nicklaus signature 27 hole golf course.

Parents get an absolute deal for families since kids and teens stay free, you only pay for mom and dad when booking any rooms. Receive a 45% discount when you book your Moon Palace stay from the banner on this page for a limited time. You can book memories at a great discount for a luxury Moon Palace vacation that anyone would love and cherish.



The accommodations at Moon Palace are as such; Superior Deluxe Resort View, Superior Deluxe Garden View, Superior Deluxe Ocean View, Superior Deluxe Ocean Front, Junior Suite Golf, Concierge Level, Wellness Suites, Family Deluxe, Ambassador Suite and the Presidential Suite.


Clubs & Bars

There are four bars and clubs at Moon Palace Mexico, each one different than the other and all are exceptionally beautiful. CLUB UNIQUE will have you dancing all night long in paradise lit up to hot beats with live DJ’s and perfect cocktails to enjoy. THE PUB takes you to England and is a perfect traditional pub to watch games or see live music while enjoying a pint of ale. The futuristic SKYBAR boasts an expansive collection of craft cocktails from signature specials to blended old favorites. LOS COLUMPIOS BAR is definitely different and absolutely awesome as you sit on swings enjoying any cocktails at the tiki bar.



The selection of dining choices are quite impressive with a wide range of cuisine including Asian, Seafood, Mexican, Italian and International foods as well. There is JC Steak House, Palapa Asadero and Arrifices and so many other restaurants plus a fine bakery and plenty of clubs and bars to choose from that also serves food to make each night one to remember forever.



There are several ways to get around Moon Palace, you can walk if you want to of course, but Moon Palace also offer  bicycles or a bus that will take you around the property or you can use their golf carts to navigate the property for you to enjoy your stay with Palace Resorts.



Palace Resorts is the perfect luxury resort destination for many types of celebrations including weddings, Honeymoons, renewal of vows and anniversaries. They offer discounts for groups in any wedding party, a must for any guests attending any wedding or for the people that are part of the wedding itself. Palace Resorts offers their experienced wedding planners that will help you plan any special event from start to finish.


Resort Credits

Resort credits are spendable on rounds of golf, tours and spa treatments and they are given depending on any stay time with the resort. For a stay of 3 nights you receive a $500. Resort credit, 4 nights is a $750. Credit, 5 to 8 nights is a $1500. Credit, 9 to 11 nights is a $2000. Credit and a 12 night stay is a $2500. Credit. That gives you plenty to spend on your activities while staying at Palace Resorts.

Thank you for reading my Palace Resorts Moon Palace review and check out some of my other reviews of the Best Luxury Travel Deals.



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  1. Moon Palace looks like a fabulous resort. I want to go to Cancun. I appreciate your very comprehensive website and will bookmark it for future travels. This looks like a beautiful resort to unwind and have a fun vacation. Great place to reduce stress from the work grind.

  2. Wow!

    Thanks John for letting us know about the ‘Moon Palace Resort’. After reading the review I am sure that the resort deserves its name. I am looking forward to stay at-least 3 nights at Moon Palace. Who does not like such luxurious living? I am not Mexican but I am looking forward to go on a tour in Mexico. I love the cultures, beautiful nature and specially the Mexican foods. Can’t wait to stay with Moon palace.

    Thanks again for the awesome review.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate getting comments to my posts.  Moon Palace is pure luxury, one would be hard pressed to find a finer resort the Moon Palace Resorts. Awesome comment, thanks! 

  3. Thank you for the comprehensive review John. Have always wanted to experience Mexico and the resort you recommend is obviously very attractive.

    The reason we have never been there, is that we have been wary of political and social instability in Mexico. Is going there and travelling around the country safe enough? 

    Thanks in advance! Arie

    1. I would imagine traveling would be fine, especially if you take advantage of local guides for your travels. The areas where the resorts are located are beachfront and stable. Jamaica is always another beautiful option. Thanks for taking the time to comment I really appreciate getting them on my posts. Cheers!

  4. Thanks for writing this review on Moon Palace in Mexico, you explained this in great detail. 

    I must say am impressed with all I am reading in this review about Moon Palace and I’m thinking of holding the best ever business conference meeting there. 

    Because it will always be a place to remember and also the best place to connect business and pleasure. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment ajibola40,

      There are 10 Palace Resorts properties all located between Mexico and Jamaica.

      These 5 star resort properties have been used for everything from business meetings, family reunions, graduations, golf events, luxury leisure travel, fishing tournaments to hosting the ultimate weddings at Palace Resorts

      Save 45% when you book a stay with Palace Resorts.

      Happy Travels.

  5. Wow… ! The Moon Palace is for sure a force with what they do for people. 

    They are not just a five star resort that provides top notch services, they also provide philanthropic services too. 

    Taking care of orphans and giving scholarships to the the less privileged, is an applaudable thing the Moon Palace have been doing for years. 

    I am sure I would love to be lodging with a resort like that. 

    One that doesn’t just cater for the high and mighty, but also reaches out to the poor masses. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Peace,

      You are correct, Palace Resorts has helped with orphans and scholarships for many years.

      They are also involved in other charity organizations and they have won awards for their efforts.

      Some companies are wonderful to the community and Palace Resorts are one of those companies.

      I blog about many types of luxury travel and one area people seem to love is luxury home rental deals.

      They can live like kings in private luxury homes most anywhere in the world by just doing a search.

      Happy Travels.

  6. This resort seems like an incredible place to visit for any special occasion. Moon Palace Resorts is a good tip where I can imagine to stay for a week with my husband for our round anniversary. I have eight years of experience working in the hotel industry and from your post can easily give this hotel 9,5 out of 10 stars. I like their credit system it’s very enticing. 

    Glad to find your site, will be back to get more inspiration!

    Thank you for the tip 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting Snap Brisk,

      There is no question that Moon Palace is a beautiful luxury travel destination that you will always remember.

      When it comes to luxury you will be smothered with it from the suites to the entertainment to the food.

      Palace Resorts 10 properties are all world class luxury resorts with every amenity you can think of needing.

      I wrote another review post about ultimate weddings at Palace Resorts, it’s a very popular oceanfront destination.

      All The Best

  7. Thank you, John, for taking the time to provide this detailed and well researched review of the moon palace resort.

     Going by your review, the place looks great. I have never been to Mexico or Jamaica before, but I would love to visit both locations at some point in my life.

    I would love to experience Mexico in the nearest future. How I wish the 45% discount would still be available then.  

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Tolu,

      The Moon Palace Resort is fantastic and more than likely the 45% discount will still be available when you return.

      All of the 10 Palace Resort properties are 5 star luxury that offer special deals to bring you to the resorts. 

      The properties are used for many events including business meetings, graduations, various ceremonies, golf events, family reunions and they even offer professional wedding planners that plan ultimate weddings

      At Palace Resorts properties you get the best luxury travel deal possible with all of their outstanding properties.

      Happy Travels.

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