What Is Airbnb About [History Review]

Airbnb was founded in August 2008 by Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia, the company specialized as a hospitality service and has since become number one in the industry. All three founding members are all American billionaire business men now and revenue as of 2017 was at 2.6 billion which has only grown since that time.

What is Airbnb about? The company’s original concept began when the founders put an air mattress in their living room and turned their apartment into a bed and breakfast for an extra income. At this point the idea turned into a website called airbedandbreakfast before it was shortened into the branded Airbnb that it is today.

The company’s home base is San Francisco, CA which was also the same city where they rented their apartment out as an air bed and breakfast. The original company was crammed into the apartment on Rausch Street in San Francisco where it all  began and Brian Chesky gave up his bedroom to allow for expansion and he used Airbnb until the new offices were finished.

At that point they had over 15 people working in the apartment and the company was growing faster than they could keep up with. To give you an example, February of 2011 Airbnb announced the 1,000,000th night booked using their service and by January 2012 they announced their 5,000,000th night booked, by June 2012 they anounced the 10,000,000th night booked.

Social Connections

Most of those bookings were from outside of the United States market coming to the USA and now the service is used all over the world as the go to service to book a stay in various locations. In 2011 the company started offering insurance for the homeowners with up to $50,000 in damage coverage and by 2012 they expanded that policy offer to $1,000,000.

Airbnb Social Connections

The year 2011 was a year of large scaling for the company with added social connections that allowed users to connect with friends that are using the platform through their social connections. Obviously Ashton Kutcher knew what is  Airbnb about because his investment company A-Grade Investments made a huge investment in the company and he took on the role of brand adviser for Airbnb. In 2011, they won an award for their app as well.

2011 also had the company opening it’s first international office in London and by the end of 2012 offices were opened in Paris, Moscow, Milan, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Sao Paulo joining an already existing Berlin and Hamburg. The continued growth of the company on a global scale saw Dublin become a European office and a Singapore and Australia offices was also added.

During 2012 Airbnb launched a travel guide for 23 major cities called Neighborhoods that allows users to select activities by demographics of the cities as in dining, transportation, nightlife, shopping and tourist attractions. With a growth of over 250,000 new properties listed and over 6 million new users, the year 2013 was another great year for Airbnb.

A New Logo

In 2014 the company redesigned their web app and their main site and they also revealed their brand new company logo. The same year Airbnb became the official  jersey sponsor of the Australian Men’s national basketball team for the 2014 Basketball World Cup.

Airbnb New Logo

With 2015 we saw the Obama administration relax business restrictions on a United States business operating within Cuba. Airbnb was one of the first US businesses to open operations in Cuba expanding their potential reach with a new market. During 2015 the Manor F1 team was sponsored  by Airbnb and had their logo’s on the cars nose and also on the teams uniforms. Airbnb also teamed up with Tesla Motors to provide special hosts with charging devices for customers in 2015.

During 2016 Airbnb somehow fell under the eyes of three US Senators who asked the FTC to investigate how Airbnb effected the housing costs. The same year a bill was signed by Govenor Andrew Cuomo that led to fines for local housing law violations, it was reported that the hotel association was behind the attempt to foil Airbnb.

In 2016 Airbnb expanded into Experiences which allows guest who books the ability to book service for local guides, cooking classes, guided tours and meet ups. Since 2018 there’s been over 25,000 experiences in over a thousand locations. You can filter the search for specific interests and find experiences that would accommodate your stay.

Investments And Acquisitions

Before the end of 2016 Airbnb saw profit for the first time because form 2015 to 2016 their revenue was up by about 80% over the previous year. In 2017 Airbnb invested in Resy which is a restaurant reservation booking app, the initial investment was 13 million as an investment with well-known entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

Airbnb Investments

The year 2017 also saw Airbnb with its largest acquisition at 300 million in cash and stocks to purchase Luxury Retreats International which is a rental company based in Canada. During 2017 Airbnb aquired a social payment startup called tilt.com and they began allowing split payments up to 16 people involved.

Airbnb also acquired another startup in 2017 called Accomable, a company focused on travel accessibility. During 2018 there was two new features launched, the first is called Airbnb Plus which provides additional amenities and owners must meet requirements to be eligible for the Airbnb Plus qualifications.

The second feature released during 2018 is called Airbnb Collections which will categorize homes ideal for specific occasions including family, work related, weddings, dinner parties and many other functions. Airbnb keeps improving at a very fast pace over time to accommodate their platform user with an outstanding experience.

A 400 Million Acquisition

For those that travel this can be very good when searching for accommodations with requirement needs like WiFi and cooking equipment that you might especially need in more remote areas. While Airbnb has had to deal with some controversies over the years with regulations and other controversies involving both hosts and guests they have risen above the challenges.

Airbnb 400 Million Aquisition

In early 2019 Airbnb once again acquired another company at a whopping 400 million, it was a last minute booking website called Hotel Tonight that could book last minute rooms. As of 2017 Airbnb had raised funding of over 3 billion and at that time Airbnb had a value of 31 billion, during the third quarter of 2018 Airbnb had earned revenue of over 1 billion dollars.

The growth of Airbnb has been steady since the company started in 2008 and continues to grow each year with innovations that keep bringing many more guests and hosts to the site to begin using Airbnb. The history of Airbnb shows the company is clearly the leader in their industry and they remain at the top leading the way.

There have been 5 star ratings given for Airbnb and sometimes a lower rating will happen because of either a cancellation or accommodations that do not meet the advertised property. These things happen everywhere including Amazon or Walmart, some people are just hard to please and others really had a bad experience.

Airbnb Hosting

There’re millions of others that have used Airbnb over and over with nothing but great things to say about their experiences using the service. I’m currently planning a trip using Airbnb on the US east coast to take my time traveling north to see family and enjoy a bit of an extended stay in NY State.

Airbnb HostingI have other family members who have used Airbnb that raved about their accommodations when they traveled to Europe. There is so many reasons why using Airbnb is a really good idea besides the chance for hosts to earn money from there properties that meet the requirements of Airbnb.

When traveling, using Airbnb is a great way to find a deal on an awesome property at a rate that may be less than a premium room would cost. This is why Airbnb was being attacked by the hotel association, they were losing money drastically and had no solutions to Airbnb.

Not only can you find excellent deals for your traveling needs with Airbnb but you can become an Airbnb host and earn a bit of money yourself. In my market Airbnb estimates that I can earn about $1095 if I host my home, this can work well if you are traveling to recoup expenses from your travels and make money while your house would be normally be empty.

Get A Free Airbnb Account

Airbnb has effected property owners to add accommodations for Airbnb guests to their properties by adding new types of great accommodations on their properties. This includes cabins, small houses, trailers, RV’s and other forms of accommodations that have many amenities and meet all of Airbnb requirements.

Free Airbnb AccountAirbnb has literally changed the way many people travel and they have definitely changed the game when it comes to an alternative to your choices over a regular hotel. The Airbnb site is fun to play around on searching for all the fantastic deals from all over the world, I found a 5 star rated 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in San Paulo that was spotless for $27 a night.

When you click the link below you can sign up for Airbnb for free and search all kinds of amazing destinations for spectacular deals that will make your trip the best it can be. You can also consider using Airbnb all from the same account as a host once signed up to Airbnb. They offer signing up through Facebook, Google or you can use an email address.

I highly recommend Airbnb as it’s easy to see how the company has continually improved over the years and continues to innovate with added features and app improvements. What is Airbnb about in the future will surely be a continued success story as they continue to grow and with the best site anywhere to find great rental deals and the hosts that offer those deals.

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What Is Disney World [Discounts]

Disneyland Orlando

I love all things Disney, from the rides they offer to the food that’s available, to the shows and or the attractions like Magic Kingdom and so many others. Since I’m a long time Florida resident I have had season passes to almost every theme park in the Orlando area that offers season passes for people to save money.

I’m a thrill ride seeker and I have been on just about every ride at every theme park in Orlando over the years, but I also like to see the many shows and I enjoy great food in restaurants that offer excellent ambiance. Since I also like to go on rides more than once I usually opt for the speed pass as I hate the long wait lines on certain popular rides.

My friend and I work together as contractors and we often knock off work early some days during the week and we head over to one of the theme parks.  What is Disney World?  Disney World is without a doubt the most awesome theme park ever to have been created that others have tried to duplicate.

I’ve spent a good amount of money over the years learning what is Disney World about and my family usually purchase their season annual passes.

My answer to the question what is Disney World or more so what is Disney World about is that it’s an individual experience unlike most anything you’ve ever experienced before.

There’s just something about Disney that is just magical with every visit, it’s a great time every time I’ve visited Disney.

Early Disney

I’ve been going to Disney World Orlando for many years now and I have watched the Disney theme park evolve over the years into what it has become today. Disney continually keeps adding new attractions and they have expanded the size of the park almost non-stop since it’s very beginnings of the early days.Disneyland Orlando

Disney park itself was founded in 1965 and by the early 1970s Disney World Orlando was thriving as families went in droves to find out what is Disney World about. To this very day, Disney World Orlando remains the main attraction of the area theme parks.

There are at least five Disney World attractions that still exist in operation today including the original Pirates Of Disney Caribbean. Some other attractions still running are Disney Jungle Cruise, Carousel Of Progress, It’s A Small World and Liberty Square River Cruise. Disney Jungle Cruise and Liberty Square River Cruise opened Oct. 1, 1971, the rest opened mid 1960’s.

Space Mountain

Over the last several years my family has spent way more time at Disney World and we often spend more than one day at a time. This factor made us decide to go with Destinations packages being offered with discounts and we stay right there on Disney properties. Disney suites are fantastic and you have immediate access to Disney World attractions, it’s worth every penny spent.

I have been on Disney Jungle Cruise so many times I’ve lost count, every time I hit Disney World Orlando I go on Disney Jungle Cruise. One of the anchors of Disney World Orlando still in use day today is Magic Kingdom, it has been shown in television commercials and it’s also featured on advertisements.

Another huge addition to Disney World Orlando happened in January 1975 with the opening of Space Mountain which is still in operation today. Space Mountain is the oldest running roller coaster in the state of Florida and has been replicated at 5 of the 6 Disney Magic Kingdom themed Disney parks worldwide except for Shanghai Disneyland Resort.

Disney Monorail

Disneyland Orlando

The monorail at Disney World has been in operation since 1971 starting with two routes for Magic Kingdom which are the Resort and Express, Epcot was added to the public transportation system later in 1982. Disney monorail is one of the most used systems in the world carrying over 150,000 passengers daily only surpassed by Japan and China.

Magic Kingdom has been the most visited park every year for the last 12 years worldwide hosting over 20 million visitors annually and it’s also the most visited park in North America for the last 18 years straight. Disney World is open 365 days a year and the parks hours in Orlando are from 8AM – 12AM Friday through Wednesday and 8AM – 11PM on Thursdays .

There has only been a few times over the last 20 years that Disney World Orlando has closed mostly due to the following hurricanes, Floyd (1999), Charley (2004), Frances (2004), Jeanne (2004), Wilma (2005), Matthew (2016) and Irma (2017), the only other time Disney World closed was for a non hurricane issue which was for the terrorist acts of Sept. 11th 2001.

Disney Location Names

Disneyland Orlando

Technically, Disneyland is located in Anaheim California and the park in Florida is called Disney World. However  almost everyone I ever talk to tends to refer to the Orlando park as Disneyland. My thought’s on why that is comes from famous NFL stars and others shouting “we’re going to Disneyland” after winning the Superbowl or the World Series.


Disneyland Orlando

Since we’re on the subject I will add that the actual location of Disney World is not located in Orlando, but the park is always advertised as it being an Orlando area attraction being very close to Orlando. Disney is located in both Lake Buena Vista and Lake Bay Florida, both Disney parks are very close to Orlando and they have their own exit ramps on interstate I-4.


Disney Allows Alcohol

Disneyland Orlando

Alcoholic beverages have been prohibited in the parks since they first opened for business in 1971, but in 2012 the rule was changed with the first location opened that started selling beer and wine, it was a restaurant called “Be Our Guest”. Disney remained the only place that served alcohol until December 2016 when 4 other locations also began serving alcohol.

Disney other locations that serve alcohol are Cinderella’s Royal Table, Liberty Tree Tavern, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, and the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen. In 2018 Disney went a step further and became the second Magic Kingdom park to offer alcohol at all table service restaurants modeled after Disneyland Paris, who started doing that in 1993.

Disney Haunted Mansion


Disneyland Orlando

In 2018 Disney Wall Street Journal reported that Disney theme park has become a favorite place for some families to spread the ashes of a deceased loved one and especially around the Haunted Mansion attraction. While that does put a certain ghostly twist to that attraction, it is unlawful and prohibited on any Disney property and if caught you’re escorted off the property.

Disney theme parks are evolving over the years and I’m sure there will be plenty of new added attractions coming in the future. Recently Disney purchased Fox media for over 52 billion dollars with rights to most programming, movies and television shows. This new Disney deal may bring new popular attractions based on newer more current Fox media related shows and movies.

Time will tell with any new attractions being added over the next few years because the Fox media buy out by Disney just recently happened and Disney already owns ABC, my guess is we may see other popular Fox characters added. It’s hard to imagine Family Guy at Disney, but I won’t count it out with all the other changes happening, alcohol included.

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