Boat Rental Charter

In this review I will discuss the world of boating and why people love to add that element of entertainment to their vacations. First I would say that many people don’t have the ability to just go out boating because of where someone might live in comparison to where someone might find a nice lake, the ocean or perhaps a river to go boating.

I’m an avid boater and fisherman and I love the time I spend on the water, even if I have a bad day fishing, as the saying goes, a bad fishing is still better than a good day at work. I own a small Sea-Ray (17ft.) with an inboard/outboard motor and I go out quite often in my boat, I’ve had it in lakes, the St. Johns river and even the ocean on a calm day, it’s a blast of a time.

That’s easy for me to do most any day because I live in Florida and I am close to the St. Johns river and not far from several large lakes that I enjoy and I’m under 40 minutes to the ocean. I’ve done a few fishing tournaments mostly for fun, but I’ve actually won a few prizes along the way that were great additions to my equipment.

There are many people who love boating, but someone might do not own a boat or live near water to make it worth their while to own a boat in general. This is where a boat rental charter might be a great investment for anyone looking to add entertainment value to a vacation or someone might may just want to go fishing and cruising.

With a boat rental charter you can have a captain, probably a good idea if the boat is a large one that you have never piloted. There are many smaller boats that you are not required to have a captain and some companies allow you to pilot the boats yourself much like the one I am going to discuss below called Boatsetter.

Boatsetter Home Baseboat rental charter

Boatsetter the company began in 2012 and their home base is located in South Florida where boating enthusiasts are quite abundant. I know just how big that industry is down that way because I lived there for a good many years and I was an avid boater the entire time I lived in South Florida.

The growth rate of Boatsetter has been growing year in and year out since it’s beginnings, that proves how much people love to go boating. The basis of what Boatsetter does is to bridge people together that either have a boat someone would like to rent out to others or to connect people who are looking to rent a boat for a day or a week-long boat rental charter.

Since the company started in 2012 someone might are now the largest and the number one boat rental community on the internet today. The company has developed into the largest market place for any type of boating experience offering over 4000 boats in over 2500 locations worldwide.

Featured Florida Destinations
boat rental charter

Boatsetter offers featured destinations in many locations, but because Florida is home base and is also a state well-known to the boating industry, the featured destinations in Florida are found all over the state. Some locations in Florida include West Palm Beach, Tampa, Fort Myers and of course Miami, however there’s many other locations as well.

Since the planet is made up of over 70 percent water, you can find a Boatsetters boat rental charter just about anywhere you do a location search for a boat rental charter. Boatsetters has expanded this business as someone might keep adding more and more available boats and locations for people to rent a boat off of their website which in turn expands the available destinations.

Rent Out Your Boatboat rental charter

Boatsetter allows you to make money by renting out a boat that you own. They offer you total peace of mind with insurance included with every rental, and you get to choose who rents your boat. You as the boat owner control the availability of the rental, you control the pricing set for renting a boat and you can have a set of rules for anyone looking to rent a boat.

As the owner of a boat you’re looking to rent out Boatsetters allows you the option of Accepting or declining requests at will.

Boatsetters includes their peer to peer program for you the boat owner that includes both hull and liability protection.

The beauty of the insurance is that Boatsetters has both a peace of mind and a boat covered completely, no worries. Boatsetters has an amazing support team that is available around the clock and their platform is very easy for anyone to navigate around for whatever a need may be.

Boatsetters also have an awesome owner’s app that makes renting out a boat easier than you could ever need or want.

Boat Captains

boat rental charter

Boatsetters offers the hiring of boat Captains for those needing someone else to pilot the boat that you rent, these Captains may or may not own the boat someone might Captain. Some people want a Captain so someone might can enjoy their time with friends and family and others may require a Captain due to the size of the boat or vessel.

Again Boatsetters has you covered with one of the largest databases of USCG licensed captains, these talented professionals offer a large boat owner peace of mind by having a licensed pro taking the helm. This will keep a boat in good hands and keep you from excessive worry about a boat.

Probably one of the best reasons one might want a Captain in charge could be for navigation purposes in unknown waters, some waterway areas can be tricky to navigate for someone who has never been there before.

No Fee Listings

Boatsetters has no fee for listing a boat as a rental on their site where anyone can search out and book a boat to rent. They don’t make a dime unless you book a boat out to someone, that’s where Boatsetters will make a small commission from the rental. When someone rents a boat, Boatsetters pays the boat owner within 48 hours of a completed rental.

There are so many reasons why people want to rent a boat that may include a celebration, fishing, water sports or even to go sailing. When you rent a boat through Boatsetter it means that you don’t need to own a boat yourself nor do you need to know someone that owns a boat, it’s no different from renting a house or a car.

With hundreds of locations around the world and thousands of boats to choose from, Boatsetters has you covered for finding the perfect fit to suit a personal needs. These needs might include the size of a party, the size of the boat needed, the need for a captain or simply for the best location choice when planning a next vacation.

With over 28,000 reviews on the Boatsetter site you can be certain that you have chosen the best, Boatsetter has an average of 4.91 stars from all of those reviews, that’s quite an impressive overall track record.

boat rental charter

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Priority Pass Lounges

In this review we will take a look at Priority Pass and all the members benefits offered to those thinking of signing up for Priority pass. There’s so many people that often travel enough throughout the year that could benefit from having a great place to relax in between their flights while they’re on a layover awaiting the next part of their journey.

There’s now over 1200 Priority Pass lounges worldwide and the company continues to grow at a very fast pace to accommodate their members. There’s three membership plans to choose from that will suit your personal traveling needs for relaxation in between flights or anytime you wish to visit one of the Priority Pass lounges.

Priority Pass lounges are great for vacationers and businesses alike to escape the noise of an airport and find a quiet place to relax or perhaps work in. The Priority Pass lounges offer complimentary pre-flight food and drinks to send you on your way happy, content and re-energized for your next leg of any trip.

Worldwide Locations

priority pass lounges

Priority Pass lounges can be found in 500 cities and 143 countries throughout 1200+ airports worldwide, Priority Pass lounges can be found in just about every major airport located around the world. Priority Pass lounges will give you the most out of your membership with more locations added every month.

Priority Pass members enjoy tranquility where they get to enjoy sitting down and stretching out with plenty of space and comfort all while enjoying the excellent services of being a member. All the lounges have selections available for pre-flight food and drinks, many lounges include free alcohol for Priority Pass members.

Priority Pass lounges are a great place to unwind between flights and offer members free WiFi in most lounges for you to stay connected for business and pleasure travelers alike. You can make certain your devices are fully charged before boarding your flight by charging any devices in the Priority Pass lounges at no cost.

Over 800 Discounted Offers

priority pass lounge

Priority Pass members can take advantage of over 800 offers worldwide and that number climbs by the month as more lounges are added. Members can enjoy airport dining or retail offers and they also offer spa discounts to all members. These offers are all redeemable using the Priority Pass app or with your digital account.

Priority Pass has recently overhauled their Priority Pass app to access a members digital membership card, it also offers airport maps and many other digital features that ensure a very pleasant over all airport experience. The Priority Pass members level determines the access to the digital membership card on the app.

The 3 plans of premium service provides the most outstanding service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Priority Pass lounge locations are never closed, no matter what time day or night you have a place to be while your waiting on your connecting flights for the next leg of your travel schedule.

Amazing Support Service

priority pass lounges

The support services with Priority Pass are made up of an amazing team of experts that are in place for anything you need. The advisers for Priority Pass are multilingual and serve 143 countries as stated above, Priority Pass can virtually communicate with most any country in the world, that’s an impressive customer support system.

Anyone can discover the Priority Pass lounge class and it’s great whether your personal traveling with friends, family or any business trips for work related traveling. Priority Pass lounges are accessible no matter how you fly whether the flight is a short haul economy flight or when your preferred airline flight is not available, Priority Pass lounge members can rely on lounge class.

Anyone that travels knows that airport wait times often leave people wandering around with nothing to do for hours awaiting flights due to normal layovers to delayed arrivals. The comfort level of becoming a member and having the ability to go in any Priority Pass lounge and enjoy all the amenities included with membership is priceless.

Priority Pass Beginnings

priority pass lounges

Priority Pass lounges started in 1992 offering members daily, weekly and monthly access to airport lounges worldwide creating a network that still is growing to this day for the last 25 plus years. The discovery and the foundation of Priority Pass happened because the founder discover 1st class travelers enduring madness to catch a departure flight.

He decided to create Priority Pass membership and he made it affordable to everyone with offers of luxury where you are treated as a VIP instead of sitting in the middle of an airport somewhere for hours. There ha’s been many companies that have tried to match Priority Pass and most are gone and Priority Pass has remained number one for over 25 years.

The reason Priority Pass has remained number one is that as a company they invest in lounges, resources, processes, technology and partnerships which results in more Priority Pass lounges in various cities globally than any other company. This is one reason why every is accompanied with much faster and easier access.

Priority Pass Ranks Best

priority pass lounges

Priority Pass is the program travelers want and remains the number one choice for independent travelers, business corporate customers and worldwide loyalty schemes. There millions of members worldwide covering over 140 countries experiencing the best program available that was founded over two decades ago.

Access with Priority Pass lounges is offered with a choice of one of three memberships, standard, standard plus or prestige. Priority Pass is available for any type of traveler no matter the frequency of their travel schedules and offers you luxury and comfort for stress free travel in over 1200+ airports lounges in over 140 countries.


priority pass lounges

Priority Pass offers businesses to serve both their employees and their customers with outstanding benefits and the business is widely considered the prestige brand today. When Priority Pass lounges began in 1992 they started with 49 lounges and have grown to over 1200+ and counting, new lounges are added monthly.

Check out Priority Pass lounges around the world by doing a search on their site to see what’s in store for you as a member. Priority Pass lounges will take your personal traveling experience to an entirely new level offering you complete unwinding time to relax and re-energize you and all of your devices.

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