MSC Cruise Line Reviews


Some cruise lines get a bad rap because of different situations that tend to shine a very bad light on an otherwise great company. Most people who go on cruises totally enjoy themselves and can’t wait to take another cruise. Trying  new destinations and than telling their family and friends what a fantastic time they had on the cruise.

There’s been numerous times you will hear on the news about people getting sick on a cruise ship or in some case’s something happens to a passenger like they fall or even jump overboard and into the water. Many times it’s not the fault of the cruise ship company, yet once it hits the news they get a bad rap over the actions of others.

When a cruise line pulls into ports people inter mingle with others when they leave the ship and explore the cities. There are times they become sick from the people they inter act with and when they return to the ship other passengers may become sick from them as well. Take the time to read MSC Cruise line reviews you will see why they offer the best deals in the industry.

I’ve heard of case’s of food illnesses on cruise lines, but I believe those individual case’s are far and few in between. Unfortunately for the cruise lines select certain foods can become contaminated either before or after they reach the ship. Sometimes this can be from poor handling of delicate foods or seafood that have certain requirements to stay fresh.

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a bad experience on any of the three cruises that I went on to Caribbean locations. Two of my cruises were on MSC cruise lines and they were everything expected and then some, both trips were excellent.

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Cruise Deals

MSC Cruises have some really exciting offers that you can choose from at very good prices with some excellent perks.

ALL IN – An all-inclusive type of package in which you will receive free WiFi and unlimited free drinks on trips to the Caribbean. Cruise the Eastern/Western Caribbean or Canada/New England on one of the 4 ships and get this deal.

MSC Yacht Club – The most affordable luxury in cruising with 7 night all-inclusive cruises starting from $1109.pp. The MSC Yacht Club is an exclusive on board sanctuary designed with the highest standard of elegance.

Escape To Sea – MSC has the best rates on Caribbean cruises with 7 nights starting from $409.pp thru 2020 sailings. Specials start from $349. on one of 4 beautiful ultra ships: MSC Seaside, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Divina, MSC Armonia.

Couples Cruise – Start planning the trip of a lifetime and take advantage of MSC 2 for 1 cruise deals, two cruise for the price of one. Visit romantic breathtaking destinations with the one you love, book a couples cruise with MSC cruise lines.

Caribbean Last Minute Cruise Deals – Hop on a last-minute Caribbean cruise and enjoy tropical destinations including Jamaica, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Bahamas and more, plus for limited time get free unlimited drinks!

Mediterranean 2 For 1 – Exceptional 2 for 1 deals on 7 day Mediterranean cruises on the breathtaking MSC Meraviglia. Enjoy free dinner and a Cirque Du Soleil at sea show, book a cruise for Genoa-Italy, Barcelona-Spain, Marseille-France.

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MSC Cruises serve destinations all over the world aside from the beautiful Caribbean and Mediterranean ports of call that are absolutely breathtaking. You can book a cruise to specific locations like Northern Europe or experience the extravagant luxury of destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India.

Some other locations include South America where you can experience sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters. All the cities along the coast are authentic jewels and can be explored with the excursions organized by MSC. Enjoy the expanse of glittering Brazilian beaches of Copacabana in Reo de Janeiro or Praia do Futuro in Fortaleza.

Explore the southern parts of Africa that offers a travel experience which is unique, where nature reigns with its breath taking landscape, amidst volcanoes, giant reefs of smooth dark granite rock, soft skies and lagoons suspended in time. Giving life to a great and multifaceted continent, book a South America cruise with MSC Cruises.

Discover the abundant ancient Chinese temples and skyscrapers of Hong Kong and Shanghai with an MSC cruise to Asia. Explore some of the most beautiful islands and countrysides of Japan and the Republic Of Korea, the far east has never been so close when you book a cruise on an MSC Cruise.

Chinese Pagoda Temple


Discover MSC

MSC Cruises offer truly customized experiences that are designed to service and accommodate the passengers every need. Take the time to choose a preferred stateroom type you also choose which unique experience you would like associated with your planned cruise experience. Each planned cruise experience comes with special perks and privileges.

MSC Cruises offer options such as the fantastic value of the Bella Experience, where you reap all the wonderful benefits of cruising plus adding on à la carte of amenities. With the Fantastica Experience, MSC Cruises deliver passengers extra perks including 24-hour room service and conveniently located staterooms, or book the Wellness Experience powered by Technogym dedicated to health and fitness.

And the last one is the Aurea Experience, with its dedicated spa package, unlimited drinks with Easy package, and My Choice Dining gives passengers the most relaxation and flexibility during your vacation. MSC Cruises are the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity can be found in the MSC Yacht Club. Choose an ideal experience and discover a world of possibilities.

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Becoming an MSC Voyagers Club member allows you to delve into a world full of privileges that will continue to grow with every booked cruise with MSC Cruises. This is MSC Cruises way of saying thank you to loyal guests who share their passion for discovery and keep joining them over the years.

Register with Voyagers Club to receive exclusive privileges, including a 5% discount on your cruise fares to booked destinations. Anyone who sailed with MSC since 2006 or have a confirmed booking, apply now it’s 100% free…

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My Booking

Make the most out of your vacation, make your cruise even more special to your individual desires and over all needs. You can enrich and personalize your cruise by choosing from MSC Cruises inviting range of extra options to choose from. Want to add an all-inclusive drink package? Or plan some pampering in the spa? Let the happiness flow…..

After a morning in the gym or an afternoon in the sun, there’s nothing better than a cool, refreshing drink. Feel like a cocktail before dinner, a fine wine with your meal or a glass of your favorite liquor to complete the evening? After a morning in the gym or an afternoon in the sun, there’s nothing better than a cool, refreshing drink.

Feel like having a cocktail before dinner, a fine wine with your meal or a glass of your favorite liquor to end the evening? Enjoy a wide variety of bars and restaurants on board and a range of drink packages to choose from, there’s no limit to how you satisfy your thirst. Take advantage of a wide variety of special packages to turn your cruise into your dream vacation.

With a wide variety of bars and restaurants on board and a range of drink packages to choose from, there’s no limit to how you satisfy your thirst. Take advantage of the variety of special packages to turn your cruise into a lifetime dream vacation.

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MSC Cruises

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Villiers Private Jet Charter Review

  • Villiers Private Jet Charter
  • Villiers Jets earns a 5 star review – based on several notable factors.
  • Free membership into their Jetclub – Earn points for future rewards.
  • Empty Leg Flights – Save up to 75%
  • Personal Agent – Connect with your phone for talk and text.
  • Worldwide Destinations.

5 star jet service


Like all the regular airlines with Villiers, you can instantly search for any flights from the search box tool on the main page. For every flight I’ve ever booked I used the search box to navigate the best date and time to book my new flight destination.

Villiers allows you to Compare the best private jet charter prices from a global network of over 9000 part 135 certified private jets across 40,000 locations worldwide. You can search for the best deals for any flights that are one-way, round trip or multiple legs and you can add filters like WiFi and then add the number traveling for the deals to show up.

private jet search


With Villiers, you will receive the most competitive quotes from across the market for all over the world flight destinations. Enjoy benefits from the comprehensive service and advice offered by Villiers team of knowledgeable agents prior to booking.

Experience the best customer service with any question you need answered by simply contacting a dedicated Villiers agent. Connect with your own personal agent with up-to-the-minute itinerary straight to your phone for your personal convenience.

private jet booking


With Villiers, you can confirm your flight details and be in the air within as little as 2 hours of your request. Save hours traveling and have more time to spend at your destination. Avoid the normal hustle of large crowded airports and the extensive travel requirements and security requirements for commercial airlines when you book a private jet with Villiers.

Villiers Jets focuses completely on the clients and their needs which is why they can have you in the air in as little as 2 hours. Once you fly using Villiers Jets you will want to use them for your future trips whether it’s for business or pleasure. There’s a huge reason Villiers Jets gets a 5 star rating, customer service in flight assistance is another one of the reasons.

private jet charters


With Villiers, you can book flights and earn points to enjoy rewards for every time you fly with Villiers. With each Villiers flight booked you will earn JetClub points.

These Jetclub points can be redeemed against future flights as well as exclusive member offers. This is Villiers way of giving something back and saying thank you for using their service.

A membership with Jetclub is completely free and is available exclusively to anyone who books their flights with Villiers.

jetclub free membership


Charter via text with direct access to your dedicated agent via a telephone number for your exclusive use. Your dedicated agent will deal with your exact requirement efficiently and without the need for an account number.

Your dedicated agents will text your information directly to your phone and if needed will call you anytime you want to speak live to an agent.

Villiers Jets typically common clients may include corporations and businesses needing to move key executives between time-critical meetings, high net worth individuals and family offices, and those with requirements that of which commercial airlines are usually unable to cater for.

Other types of Villiers Jets customers include high net worth clients flying to exotic locations around the world for pleasure. Whether clients are skiing in Switzerland or visiting London, Villiers Jets has flown clients to locations all over the world


dedicated personal service


An empty leg, or empty sector, is an unsold portion of a booked one-way private charter flight on a specific private charter. Usually, a private charter need to fly empty back to position in for the next customer or return to its home base after a booked flight. This type of return flight is what most in the industry call an “empty leg”.

The empty leg flights can save up to 75% of the standard price of a normal booked private chartered flight to a destination. With the empty leg flights the prices can be negotiable especially if you’re willing to be a bit more flexible in your travel plans. In many cases empty leg flight opportunities happen at the last minute and will potentially offer you a great deal of savings.

Everything mentioned above describes the pro’s of empty leg flights and now we will look at a few of the con’s of traveling on empty legs. There are only three that need mentioning and the first being that empty legs are only available for one-way flights. The second would be the empty leg routes available are limited and third is that they are only available on short notice and subject to change. In some cases it may be possible to find empty legs for your return trips.

empty leg seats




worldwide charter jets

Villiers Private Jet Charter

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