Luxury Travel Deals Beyond First Class

Who doesn’t like all things luxury? If, everybody could afford the lavish lifestyle you can bet everyone would be living that lifestyle. When it comes to luxury you either settle for less or you get the best. Traveling is a huge part of peoples everyday lives between work travel or vacation travel and the miles rack up fast. Imagine flying on your own chartered jet to get to any location avoiding all the normal airport hassle or paying a high price for first class and business class upgrades which in some cases isn’t much better than flying coach.

It’s possible you can fly on a private charter jet for near the same costs as flying on some commercial airlines with far less airport hassles involved. Some charter companies have what’s called empty leg flights which are empty jets usually returning someplace or heading somewhere to pick up clients. These empty leg flights can save you a ton of money. If a jet has open seats you may get all the seats or maybe just one seat depending on your needs, but it will come at a far better price than the normal fee’s charged when you are booking a private charter jet.

This is a normal procedure with most charter jet companies as a way of filling the seat and most pilots don’t normally get paid on empty return trips, unless of course some customers bought the empty leg seats. These type of flights happen for both short distance and long distance types of traveling and you pretty much have the jet to yourself to enjoy like a boss. Sometimes you land in an executive airport and other times it may be a commercial airport, but your terminal will not be located where the commercial flights would normally arrive.

As an example, some charter jet flights may cost more than $5000. For 6 seats at the companies normal rates. The rates for the empty leg seats may go for as little as $1500 or less depending on the company and for one seat the price would be about $250. and some deals might be much less or it could be a bit higher depending on the company. This type of discounted rate for the same flights happens with many other types of bookings with luxury traveling and lodging. Many resorts will give up posh suites for next to nothing just to make up for an empty suite, while it may not make them a ton of money, they’re counting on you to spend at their resorts. Think Vegas, in many cases you can get a really nice suite for next to nothing because they want you to eat at their restaurants and gamble in their casino’s so they entice you with a free or completely discounted suite for your time spent with them. There are many companies that do this kind of discounting, but I love Las Vegas, doesn’t everybody?

Exotic Car Rentals

Have you ever wanted to drive a Lambo or a Vette? Exotic cars are plentiful in some cities from the east coast to the west coast and unless you can afford to shell out what most don’t have you may never own one in your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive one. There are many exotic car rentals that will allow you to enjoy the car for as long as the rental term on the contract. In South Florida there is one company that I know of that has most any car you might be looking to drive and they do business in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties. These companies sometimes offer discounted specials on certain cars just as any commercial car agency does to bring in sales from discounted specials.

Besides exotic cars some of your bigger commercial car agencies offer high end cars that may include BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Camaro, Mustang and many others. These agencies offer deals on these higher end cars sometimes because of various reasons that includes dead times during the year. It could be a reservation cancellation or the rental company may offer a complimentary upgrade to keep you from renting from the other guys. Sometimes these offers are towards businesses and not the public and sometimes its offered to both.

Just look at some offers on this site and you will find there are some pretty awesome travel options out there for you. You don’t necessarily have to settle for less because of the price involved if you can get a good deal on the contract costs.

Luxury Cruises

Luxury Cruises are the one area where the best luxury travel deals are often found to be plentiful due to the competition and cancellations. There are so many cruises to pick from and they all offer discounted package deals in some form or another. The luxury is absolute with most modern cruise ships and they often have 4 or 5 bars and restaurants beside many other activities for your relaxation and enjoyment. Some of these cruise ships are enormous and for you to cover the entire ship on your stay may not be all that easy to do, but I guarantee you will enjoy the parts you do get to see on the cruise ship.

The cruise ship industry offers so many themed type of cruises these days and your selection of choices are quite plentiful. There are concert cruises with huge numbers of well-known bands that play night after night during your stay on the cruise. Everybody knows of Disney cruises and many of the other popular cruise ship names like Carnival or Norwegian cruise lines. These companies often sell tickets at a discounted rate as an incentive to fill the cabins on the cruise ship before setting sail.

Take a look at some cruise ship offers on this site and see if there’s a deal you might want to snap up before someone else does.

Luxury Resorts

The resort business is one that during season the resort will offer deals and specials at whatever their normal price may be. Sometimes the deals have a small discount to get you to come and stay at their resort instead of the other competitions digs. This happens for many reasons, some are timeshare properties and others are actual resorts like Disney or Universal studios. Believe me the companies want you staying in that suite for 3 or 4 days hopefully spending your money on all the surrounding attractions and they are willing to give you a room at a well discounted price to get your business.

Some best deals like this will also be found in Las Vegas where you can save on a room and spend on restaurants. The Las Vegas resorts all want you staying just as Disney or any other big type of resort would want for your future business. There are some ski resorts that have specials and deals where lodging is offered discounted for a beautiful suite or cabin. Some hunting lodges offer package deals with outstanding prices for the trip of a lifetime hunting or fishing, think Alaska.

It doesn’t matter what type of resort your looking to check into for a few days, chances are you can find a discounted deal. The best tip is of course in the off seasons you can sometimes get exceptionally great deals for well under the normal fee’s.


Luxury Homes

Renting a home can be the same cost as what a room might cost in some instances depending on both the home and the hotel. If you are splitting the costs that would be the best case scenario for savings, but sometimes you can get certain days of the year for lower discounted prices for a chance to stay in these high end homes. To discover just how many of these rentals are available it might surprise you when you start digging for an alternative to just getting a plain old hotel room.

Besides discounts available for veterans or senior citizens you also have catalog discounts for most anyone else looking. You can get discounts on many types of accommodations all over the world and they can sometimes include an entire home. I’m pretty sure this was how air b&b played into the home market and well now look at the company they’re a giant company. People expect good deals on extravagant and many of these rentals will offer discounted deals, it beats an empty house.

The luxury home is something that is attainable to rent by the day or week or month depending on the booking of the home. You can check out some of these offers by clicking on any banner on this site and navigating through the offer sites.

Living The Good Life

Living the good life is a term you might hear others say when their describing someone with visible wealth in a home or car. The fact is almost anyone can live the good life if they look for the special deals that let them join a world of flash and cash. Your stay time may be limited, but I guarantee you’ll love the time spent and the memories made enjoying the deal you get. Take time to spend a few days somewhere relaxing with no disruptions all while being catered to with all kinds of services.

Thanks for reading this post and check out some of my other posts for the best luxury travel deals before they expire.