What Is Airbnb About [History Review]

Airbnb was founded in August 2008 by Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia, the company specialized as a hospitality service and has since become number one in the industry. All three founding members are all American billionaire business men now and revenue as of 2017 was at 2.6 billion which has only grown since that time.

What is Airbnb about? The company’s original concept began when the founders put an air mattress in their living room and turned their apartment into a bed and breakfast for an extra income. At this point the idea turned into a website called airbedandbreakfast before it was shortened into the branded Airbnb that it is today.

The company’s home base is San Francisco, CA which was also the same city where they rented their apartment out as an air bed and breakfast. The original company was crammed into the apartment on Rausch Street in San Francisco where it all  began and Brian Chesky gave up his bedroom to allow for expansion and he used Airbnb until the new offices were finished.

At that point they had over 15 people working in the apartment and the company was growing faster than they could keep up with. To give you an example, February of 2011 Airbnb announced the 1,000,000th night booked using their service and by January 2012 they announced their 5,000,000th night booked, by June 2012 they anounced the 10,000,000th night booked.

Social Connections

Most of those bookings were from outside of the United States market coming to the USA and now the service is used all over the world as the go to service to book a stay in various locations. In 2011 the company started offering insurance for the homeowners with up to $50,000 in damage coverage and by 2012 they expanded that policy offer to $1,000,000.

Airbnb Social Connections

The year 2011 was a year of large scaling for the company with added social connections that allowed users to connect with friends that are using the platform through their social connections. Obviously Ashton Kutcher knew what is  Airbnb about because his investment company A-Grade Investments made a huge investment in the company and he took on the role of brand adviser for Airbnb. In 2011, they won an award for their app as well.

2011 also had the company opening it’s first international office in London and by the end of 2012 offices were opened in Paris, Moscow, Milan, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Sao Paulo joining an already existing Berlin and Hamburg. The continued growth of the company on a global scale saw Dublin become a European office and a Singapore and Australia offices was also added.

During 2012 Airbnb launched a travel guide for 23 major cities called Neighborhoods that allows users to select activities by demographics of the cities as in dining, transportation, nightlife, shopping and tourist attractions. With a growth of over 250,000 new properties listed and over 6 million new users, the year 2013 was another great year for Airbnb.

A New Logo

In 2014 the company redesigned their web app and their main site and they also revealed their brand new company logo. The same year Airbnb became the official  jersey sponsor of the Australian Men’s national basketball team for the 2014 Basketball World Cup.

Airbnb New Logo

With 2015 we saw the Obama administration relax business restrictions on a United States business operating within Cuba. Airbnb was one of the first US businesses to open operations in Cuba expanding their potential reach with a new market. During 2015 the Manor F1 team was sponsored  by Airbnb and had their logo’s on the cars nose and also on the teams uniforms. Airbnb also teamed up with Tesla Motors to provide special hosts with charging devices for customers in 2015.

During 2016 Airbnb somehow fell under the eyes of three US Senators who asked the FTC to investigate how Airbnb effected the housing costs. The same year a bill was signed by Govenor Andrew Cuomo that led to fines for local housing law violations, it was reported that the hotel association was behind the attempt to foil Airbnb.

In 2016 Airbnb expanded into Experiences which allows guest who books the ability to book service for local guides, cooking classes, guided tours and meet ups. Since 2018 there’s been over 25,000 experiences in over a thousand locations. You can filter the search for specific interests and find experiences that would accommodate your stay.

Investments And Acquisitions

Before the end of 2016 Airbnb saw profit for the first time because form 2015 to 2016 their revenue was up by about 80% over the previous year. In 2017 Airbnb invested in Resy which is a restaurant reservation booking app, the initial investment was 13 million as an investment with well-known entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

Airbnb Investments

The year 2017 also saw Airbnb with its largest acquisition at 300 million in cash and stocks to purchase Luxury Retreats International which is a rental company based in Canada. During 2017 Airbnb aquired a social payment startup called tilt.com and they began allowing split payments up to 16 people involved.

Airbnb also acquired another startup in 2017 called Accomable, a company focused on travel accessibility. During 2018 there was two new features launched, the first is called Airbnb Plus which provides additional amenities and owners must meet requirements to be eligible for the Airbnb Plus qualifications.

The second feature released during 2018 is called Airbnb Collections which will categorize homes ideal for specific occasions including family, work related, weddings, dinner parties and many other functions. Airbnb keeps improving at a very fast pace over time to accommodate their platform user with an outstanding experience.

A 400 Million Acquisition

For those that travel this can be very good when searching for accommodations with requirement needs like WiFi and cooking equipment that you might especially need in more remote areas. While Airbnb has had to deal with some controversies over the years with regulations and other controversies involving both hosts and guests they have risen above the challenges.

Airbnb 400 Million Aquisition

In early 2019 Airbnb once again acquired another company at a whopping 400 million, it was a last minute booking website called Hotel Tonight that could book last minute rooms. As of 2017 Airbnb had raised funding of over 3 billion and at that time Airbnb had a value of 31 billion, during the third quarter of 2018 Airbnb had earned revenue of over 1 billion dollars.

The growth of Airbnb has been steady since the company started in 2008 and continues to grow each year with innovations that keep bringing many more guests and hosts to the site to begin using Airbnb. The history of Airbnb shows the company is clearly the leader in their industry and they remain at the top leading the way.

There have been 5 star ratings given for Airbnb and sometimes a lower rating will happen because of either a cancellation or accommodations that do not meet the advertised property. These things happen everywhere including Amazon or Walmart, some people are just hard to please and others really had a bad experience.

Airbnb Hosting

There’re millions of others that have used Airbnb over and over with nothing but great things to say about their experiences using the service. I’m currently planning a trip using Airbnb on the US east coast to take my time traveling north to see family and enjoy a bit of an extended stay in NY State.

Airbnb HostingI have other family members who have used Airbnb that raved about their accommodations when they traveled to Europe. There is so many reasons why using Airbnb is a really good idea besides the chance for hosts to earn money from there properties that meet the requirements of Airbnb.

When traveling, using Airbnb is a great way to find a deal on an awesome property at a rate that may be less than a premium room would cost. This is why Airbnb was being attacked by the hotel association, they were losing money drastically and had no solutions to Airbnb.

Not only can you find excellent deals for your traveling needs with Airbnb but you can become an Airbnb host and earn a bit of money yourself. In my market Airbnb estimates that I can earn about $1095 if I host my home, this can work well if you are traveling to recoup expenses from your travels and make money while your house would be normally be empty.

Get A Free Airbnb Account

Airbnb has effected property owners to add accommodations for Airbnb guests to their properties by adding new types of great accommodations on their properties. This includes cabins, small houses, trailers, RV’s and other forms of accommodations that have many amenities and meet all of Airbnb requirements.

Free Airbnb AccountAirbnb has literally changed the way many people travel and they have definitely changed the game when it comes to an alternative to your choices over a regular hotel. The Airbnb site is fun to play around on searching for all the fantastic deals from all over the world, I found a 5 star rated 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in San Paulo that was spotless for $27 a night.

When you click the link below you can sign up for Airbnb for free and search all kinds of amazing destinations for spectacular deals that will make your trip the best it can be. You can also consider using Airbnb all from the same account as a host once signed up to Airbnb. They offer signing up through Facebook, Google or you can use an email address.

I highly recommend Airbnb as it’s easy to see how the company has continually improved over the years and continues to innovate with added features and app improvements. What is Airbnb about in the future will surely be a continued success story as they continue to grow and with the best site anywhere to find great rental deals and the hosts that offer those deals.

Try Searching Airbnb Today For Free.

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What Is Disney World [Discounts]

Disneyland Orlando

I love all things Disney, from the rides they offer to the food that’s available, to the shows and or the attractions like Magic Kingdom and so many others. Since I’m a long time Florida resident I have had season passes to almost every theme park in the Orlando area that offers season passes for people to save money.

I’m a thrill ride seeker and I have been on just about every ride at every theme park in Orlando over the years, but I also like to see the many shows and I enjoy great food in restaurants that offer excellent ambiance. Since I also like to go on rides more than once I usually opt for the speed pass as I hate the long wait lines on certain popular rides.

My friend and I work together as contractors and we often knock off work early some days during the week and we head over to one of the theme parks.  What is Disney World?  Disney World is without a doubt the most awesome theme park ever to have been created that others have tried to duplicate.

I’ve spent a good amount of money over the years learning what is Disney World about and my family usually purchase their season annual passes.

My answer to the question what is Disney World or more so what is Disney World about is that it’s an individual experience unlike most anything you’ve ever experienced before.

There’s just something about Disney that is just magical with every visit, it’s a great time every time I’ve visited Disney.

Early Disney

I’ve been going to Disney World Orlando for many years now and I have watched the Disney theme park evolve over the years into what it has become today. Disney continually keeps adding new attractions and they have expanded the size of the park almost non-stop since it’s very beginnings of the early days.Disneyland Orlando

Disney park itself was founded in 1965 and by the early 1970s Disney World Orlando was thriving as families went in droves to find out what is Disney World about. To this very day, Disney World Orlando remains the main attraction of the area theme parks.

There are at least five Disney World attractions that still exist in operation today including the original Pirates Of Disney Caribbean. Some other attractions still running are Disney Jungle Cruise, Carousel Of Progress, It’s A Small World and Liberty Square River Cruise. Disney Jungle Cruise and Liberty Square River Cruise opened Oct. 1, 1971, the rest opened mid 1960’s.

Space Mountain

Over the last several years my family has spent way more time at Disney World and we often spend more than one day at a time. This factor made us decide to go with Destinations packages being offered with discounts and we stay right there on Disney properties. Disney suites are fantastic and you have immediate access to Disney World attractions, it’s worth every penny spent.

I have been on Disney Jungle Cruise so many times I’ve lost count, every time I hit Disney World Orlando I go on Disney Jungle Cruise. One of the anchors of Disney World Orlando still in use day today is Magic Kingdom, it has been shown in television commercials and it’s also featured on advertisements.

Another huge addition to Disney World Orlando happened in January 1975 with the opening of Space Mountain which is still in operation today. Space Mountain is the oldest running roller coaster in the state of Florida and has been replicated at 5 of the 6 Disney Magic Kingdom themed Disney parks worldwide except for Shanghai Disneyland Resort.

Disney Monorail

Disneyland Orlando

The monorail at Disney World has been in operation since 1971 starting with two routes for Magic Kingdom which are the Resort and Express, Epcot was added to the public transportation system later in 1982. Disney monorail is one of the most used systems in the world carrying over 150,000 passengers daily only surpassed by Japan and China.

Magic Kingdom has been the most visited park every year for the last 12 years worldwide hosting over 20 million visitors annually and it’s also the most visited park in North America for the last 18 years straight. Disney World is open 365 days a year and the parks hours in Orlando are from 8AM – 12AM Friday through Wednesday and 8AM – 11PM on Thursdays .

There has only been a few times over the last 20 years that Disney World Orlando has closed mostly due to the following hurricanes, Floyd (1999), Charley (2004), Frances (2004), Jeanne (2004), Wilma (2005), Matthew (2016) and Irma (2017), the only other time Disney World closed was for a non hurricane issue which was for the terrorist acts of Sept. 11th 2001.

Disney Location Names

Disneyland Orlando

Technically, Disneyland is located in Anaheim California and the park in Florida is called Disney World. However  almost everyone I ever talk to tends to refer to the Orlando park as Disneyland. My thought’s on why that is comes from famous NFL stars and others shouting “we’re going to Disneyland” after winning the Superbowl or the World Series.


Disneyland Orlando

Since we’re on the subject I will add that the actual location of Disney World is not located in Orlando, but the park is always advertised as it being an Orlando area attraction being very close to Orlando. Disney is located in both Lake Buena Vista and Lake Bay Florida, both Disney parks are very close to Orlando and they have their own exit ramps on interstate I-4.


Disney Allows Alcohol

Disneyland Orlando

Alcoholic beverages have been prohibited in the parks since they first opened for business in 1971, but in 2012 the rule was changed with the first location opened that started selling beer and wine, it was a restaurant called “Be Our Guest”. Disney remained the only place that served alcohol until December 2016 when 4 other locations also began serving alcohol.

Disney other locations that serve alcohol are Cinderella’s Royal Table, Liberty Tree Tavern, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, and the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen. In 2018 Disney went a step further and became the second Magic Kingdom park to offer alcohol at all table service restaurants modeled after Disneyland Paris, who started doing that in 1993.

Disney Haunted Mansion


Disneyland Orlando

In 2018 Disney Wall Street Journal reported that Disney theme park has become a favorite place for some families to spread the ashes of a deceased loved one and especially around the Haunted Mansion attraction. While that does put a certain ghostly twist to that attraction, it is unlawful and prohibited on any Disney property and if caught you’re escorted off the property.

Disney theme parks are evolving over the years and I’m sure there will be plenty of new added attractions coming in the future. Recently Disney purchased Fox media for over 52 billion dollars with rights to most programming, movies and television shows. This new Disney deal may bring new popular attractions based on newer more current Fox media related shows and movies.

Time will tell with any new attractions being added over the next few years because the Fox media buy out by Disney just recently happened and Disney already owns ABC, my guess is we may see other popular Fox characters added. It’s hard to imagine Family Guy at Disney, but I won’t count it out with all the other changes happening, alcohol included.

Get great deals on Walt Disney World Vacation Packages at Destinations in Florida

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What Is Travel Insurance About [Review]

Everybody loves to travel all over the world and many never consider the need for travelers’ insurance before they leave on their planned business trip or vacation. Travelers insurance is like having total peace of mind when you’re away from home someplace on vacation and the need strikes for making a claim on you’re insurance.

Are you a traveler? Have you ever wondered what is travel insurance about? There’s many situations where travelers insurance might be a really good thing to have when you book a vacation or business trip away from home. Having a policy to help cover certain incurred additional unexpected expenses that you are not aware of is one really good reason to have the policy.

Why have travel insurance? Here we will go over a few good reasons why anyone interested should find out what is travel insurance about and why insurance is a good idea when traveling, even more so if you travel often. There are some companies that offer coverage for just one trip while most provide complete annual coverage polices that insure all of you’re traveling throughout the entire year.

USA Visitor Insurance

When planning a trip over sea’s either traveling to or from the USA you really need an international insurance policy that covers medical and travel emergencies for when you’re away from home. I highly recommend anyone who visits the USA to get a short term policy at the very least as medical and insurance work much different in the USA than other countries.

For visitors with B1 and B2 visa’s and any other temporary types of visas are all advised to apply for a policy before traveling to the USA. To apply you need to give you’re name, you’re passport number and you’re date of birth to complete the application process and upon successful enrollment and confirmation you will receive a printable ID card.

International Travel Insurance

International travel insurance is a type of medical travel insurance that provides for unexpected injuries and illnesses while traveling abroad. It is available to both US citizens and non US citizens taking a short trip abroad or living abroad temporary and its primary design is to relieve stress of financial burden due to unforeseen mishaps while abroad.

International travelers’ that have travel insurance are provided with adequate coverage for any medical expenses that may be incurred due to any illnesses or injuries during you’re travels, emergency evacuation should the situation arise, trip interruption or cancellation, loss of passport or wallet, lost luggage, assistance in the event of a natural disaster, repatriation benefits, and many other potential risks that could spoil the outcome of you’re trip.

Green Card Insurance

There are many reasons for new immigrants and green card holders to the USA to have varying eligibility for domestic health insurance policies. For new card holders travel medical insurance will provide you with the temporary coverage you need to stay protected and you can choose a plan that best fits you’re needs after eligibility is reached.

Green card holders who now live in the USA on a permanent basis will benefit from having a travelers’ insurance policy. Green card holders who travel back and forth to the USA will benefit having a travelers’ insurance policy protecting them. Under the Affordable Care Act it is required to have insurance in the USA, however the fines levied against US citizens is no longer in effect for not having an insurance policy.

Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance is designed for people who travel internationally for business purposes. Business travelers’ concerns are different when buying travel insurance and they should select a plan that fits their needs and/or their company’s needs. People traveling abroad don’t want travel mishaps to interfere with important business engagements like if you’re baggage is lost and you need new replacement clothing or you have to end you’re trip early and return home due to an emergency. If you become ill and require medical attention, business trip insurance covers all of these incidents, making you’re trip less stressful.

Great for anyone who takes multiple business trips a year, multi trip business travel insurance policies provide coverage for several trips over the course of a year, saving busy travelers’ from having to buy a new policy for each trip. Your company may not be liable for some travel-related expenses or medical bills in case you become injured while traveling abroad. Having business travel insurance minimizes you’re liability and financial risk, allowing you to focus on what’s important.


Cancellation Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance protects you from financial losses that might occur if you’re trip gets canceled due to an unforeseen event. Trip cancellation insurance minimizes the risk of loss by covering you for the cost of tickets and other prepaid expenses in the event of trip cancellation due to covered reasons.

There are some other plans that may provide optional coverage on flexible terms, which are known as “covered for any reason” plans. This option will allow you to cancel you’re trip for any reason. Reasons you want trip cancellation insurance?

Don’t risk losing money buying plane tickets and other non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel the trip. Travel plans made far in advance the chances of changing plans are much higher.

For cruises it is quite involved to cancel and get a refund but with travelers insurance your covered.  Families often have kids that get sick and sometimes that can happen in place of your traveling plans and you need to cancel your  travel plans, with travel insurance you’re covered.



Compare the three travel insurance banners for the best deal around.

RoamRight travel insurance

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Boat Rental Charter

In this review I will discuss the world of boating and why people love to add that element of entertainment to their vacations. First I would say that many people don’t have the ability to just go out boating because of where someone might live in comparison to where someone might find a nice lake, the ocean or perhaps a river to go boating.

I’m an avid boater and fisherman and I love the time I spend on the water, even if I have a bad day fishing, as the saying goes, a bad fishing is still better than a good day at work. I own a small Sea-Ray (17ft.) with an inboard/outboard motor and I go out quite often in my boat, I’ve had it in lakes, the St. Johns river and even the ocean on a calm day, it’s a blast of a time.

That’s easy for me to do most any day because I live in Florida and I am close to the St. Johns river and not far from several large lakes that I enjoy and I’m under 40 minutes to the ocean. I’ve done a few fishing tournaments mostly for fun, but I’ve actually won a few prizes along the way that were great additions to my equipment.

There are many people who love boating, but someone might do not own a boat or live near water to make it worth their while to own a boat in general. This is where a boat rental charter might be a great investment for anyone looking to add entertainment value to a vacation or someone might may just want to go fishing and cruising.

With a boat rental charter you can have a captain, probably a good idea if the boat is a large one that you have never piloted. There are many smaller boats that you are not required to have a captain and some companies allow you to pilot the boats yourself much like the one I am going to discuss below called Boatsetter.

Boatsetter Home Baseboat rental charter

Boatsetter the company began in 2012 and their home base is located in South Florida where boating enthusiasts are quite abundant. I know just how big that industry is down that way because I lived there for a good many years and I was an avid boater the entire time I lived in South Florida.

The growth rate of Boatsetter has been growing year in and year out since it’s beginnings, that proves how much people love to go boating. The basis of what Boatsetter does is to bridge people together that either have a boat someone would like to rent out to others or to connect people who are looking to rent a boat for a day or a week-long boat rental charter.

Since the company started in 2012 someone might are now the largest and the number one boat rental community on the internet today. The company has developed into the largest market place for any type of boating experience offering over 4000 boats in over 2500 locations worldwide.

Featured Florida Destinations
boat rental charter

Boatsetter offers featured destinations in many locations, but because Florida is home base and is also a state well-known to the boating industry, the featured destinations in Florida are found all over the state. Some locations in Florida include West Palm Beach, Tampa, Fort Myers and of course Miami, however there’s many other locations as well.

Since the planet is made up of over 70 percent water, you can find a Boatsetters boat rental charter just about anywhere you do a location search for a boat rental charter. Boatsetters has expanded this business as someone might keep adding more and more available boats and locations for people to rent a boat off of their website which in turn expands the available destinations.

Rent Out Your Boatboat rental charter

Boatsetter allows you to make money by renting out a boat that you own. They offer you total peace of mind with insurance included with every rental, and you get to choose who rents your boat. You as the boat owner control the availability of the rental, you control the pricing set for renting a boat and you can have a set of rules for anyone looking to rent a boat.

As the owner of a boat you’re looking to rent out Boatsetters allows you the option of Accepting or declining requests at will.

Boatsetters includes their peer to peer program for you the boat owner that includes both hull and liability protection.

The beauty of the insurance is that Boatsetters has both a peace of mind and a boat covered completely, no worries. Boatsetters has an amazing support team that is available around the clock and their platform is very easy for anyone to navigate around for whatever a need may be.

Boatsetters also have an awesome owner’s app that makes renting out a boat easier than you could ever need or want.

Boat Captains

boat rental charter

Boatsetters offers the hiring of boat Captains for those needing someone else to pilot the boat that you rent, these Captains may or may not own the boat someone might Captain. Some people want a Captain so someone might can enjoy their time with friends and family and others may require a Captain due to the size of the boat or vessel.

Again Boatsetters has you covered with one of the largest databases of USCG licensed captains, these talented professionals offer a large boat owner peace of mind by having a licensed pro taking the helm. This will keep a boat in good hands and keep you from excessive worry about a boat.

Probably one of the best reasons one might want a Captain in charge could be for navigation purposes in unknown waters, some waterway areas can be tricky to navigate for someone who has never been there before.

No Fee Listings

Boatsetters has no fee for listing a boat as a rental on their site where anyone can search out and book a boat to rent. They don’t make a dime unless you book a boat out to someone, that’s where Boatsetters will make a small commission from the rental. When someone rents a boat, Boatsetters pays the boat owner within 48 hours of a completed rental.

There are so many reasons why people want to rent a boat that may include a celebration, fishing, water sports or even to go sailing. When you rent a boat through Boatsetter it means that you don’t need to own a boat yourself nor do you need to know someone that owns a boat, it’s no different from renting a house or a car.

With hundreds of locations around the world and thousands of boats to choose from, Boatsetters has you covered for finding the perfect fit to suit a personal needs. These needs might include the size of a party, the size of the boat needed, the need for a captain or simply for the best location choice when planning a next vacation.

With over 28,000 reviews on the Boatsetter site you can be certain that you have chosen the best, Boatsetter has an average of 4.91 stars from all of those reviews, that’s quite an impressive overall track record.

boat rental charter

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Priority Pass Lounges

In this review we will take a look at Priority Pass and all the members benefits offered to those thinking of signing up for Priority pass. There’s so many people that often travel enough throughout the year that could benefit from having a great place to relax in between their flights while they’re on a layover awaiting the next part of their journey.

There’s now over 1200 Priority Pass lounges worldwide and the company continues to grow at a very fast pace to accommodate their members. There’s three membership plans to choose from that will suit your personal traveling needs for relaxation in between flights or anytime you wish to visit one of the Priority Pass lounges.

Priority Pass lounges are great for vacationers and businesses alike to escape the noise of an airport and find a quiet place to relax or perhaps work in. The Priority Pass lounges offer complimentary pre-flight food and drinks to send you on your way happy, content and re-energized for your next leg of any trip.

Worldwide Locations

priority pass lounges

Priority Pass lounges can be found in 500 cities and 143 countries throughout 1200+ airports worldwide, Priority Pass lounges can be found in just about every major airport located around the world. Priority Pass lounges will give you the most out of your membership with more locations added every month.

Priority Pass members enjoy tranquility where they get to enjoy sitting down and stretching out with plenty of space and comfort all while enjoying the excellent services of being a member. All the lounges have selections available for pre-flight food and drinks, many lounges include free alcohol for Priority Pass members.

Priority Pass lounges are a great place to unwind between flights and offer members free WiFi in most lounges for you to stay connected for business and pleasure travelers alike. You can make certain your devices are fully charged before boarding your flight by charging any devices in the Priority Pass lounges at no cost.

Over 800 Discounted Offers

priority pass lounge

Priority Pass members can take advantage of over 800 offers worldwide and that number climbs by the month as more lounges are added. Members can enjoy airport dining or retail offers and they also offer spa discounts to all members. These offers are all redeemable using the Priority Pass app or with your digital account.

Priority Pass has recently overhauled their Priority Pass app to access a members digital membership card, it also offers airport maps and many other digital features that ensure a very pleasant over all airport experience. The Priority Pass members level determines the access to the digital membership card on the app.

The 3 plans of premium service provides the most outstanding service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Priority Pass lounge locations are never closed, no matter what time day or night you have a place to be while your waiting on your connecting flights for the next leg of your travel schedule.

Amazing Support Service

priority pass lounges

The support services with Priority Pass are made up of an amazing team of experts that are in place for anything you need. The advisers for Priority Pass are multilingual and serve 143 countries as stated above, Priority Pass can virtually communicate with most any country in the world, that’s an impressive customer support system.

Anyone can discover the Priority Pass lounge class and it’s great whether your personal traveling with friends, family or any business trips for work related traveling. Priority Pass lounges are accessible no matter how you fly whether the flight is a short haul economy flight or when your preferred airline flight is not available, Priority Pass lounge members can rely on lounge class.

Anyone that travels knows that airport wait times often leave people wandering around with nothing to do for hours awaiting flights due to normal layovers to delayed arrivals. The comfort level of becoming a member and having the ability to go in any Priority Pass lounge and enjoy all the amenities included with membership is priceless.

Priority Pass Beginnings

priority pass lounges

Priority Pass lounges started in 1992 offering members daily, weekly and monthly access to airport lounges worldwide creating a network that still is growing to this day for the last 25 plus years. The discovery and the foundation of Priority Pass happened because the founder discover 1st class travelers enduring madness to catch a departure flight.

He decided to create Priority Pass membership and he made it affordable to everyone with offers of luxury where you are treated as a VIP instead of sitting in the middle of an airport somewhere for hours. There ha’s been many companies that have tried to match Priority Pass and most are gone and Priority Pass has remained number one for over 25 years.

The reason Priority Pass has remained number one is that as a company they invest in lounges, resources, processes, technology and partnerships which results in more Priority Pass lounges in various cities globally than any other company. This is one reason why every is accompanied with much faster and easier access.

Priority Pass Ranks Best

priority pass lounges

Priority Pass is the program travelers want and remains the number one choice for independent travelers, business corporate customers and worldwide loyalty schemes. There millions of members worldwide covering over 140 countries experiencing the best program available that was founded over two decades ago.

Access with Priority Pass lounges is offered with a choice of one of three memberships, standard, standard plus or prestige. Priority Pass is available for any type of traveler no matter the frequency of their travel schedules and offers you luxury and comfort for stress free travel in over 1200+ airports lounges in over 140 countries.


priority pass lounges

Priority Pass offers businesses to serve both their employees and their customers with outstanding benefits and the business is widely considered the prestige brand today. When Priority Pass lounges began in 1992 they started with 49 lounges and have grown to over 1200+ and counting, new lounges are added monthly.

Check out Priority Pass lounges around the world by doing a search on their site to see what’s in store for you as a member. Priority Pass lounges will take your personal traveling experience to an entirely new level offering you complete unwinding time to relax and re-energize you and all of your devices.

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MSC Cruise Line Reviews


Some cruise lines get a bad rap because of different situations that tend to shine a very bad light on an otherwise great company. Most people who go on cruises totally enjoy themselves and can’t wait to take another cruise. Trying  new destinations and than telling their family and friends what a fantastic time they had on the cruise.

There’s been numerous times you will hear on the news about people getting sick on a cruise ship or in some case’s something happens to a passenger like they fall or even jump overboard and into the water. Many times it’s not the fault of the cruise ship company, yet once it hits the news they get a bad rap over the actions of others.

When a cruise line pulls into ports people inter mingle with others when they leave the ship and explore the cities. There are times they become sick from the people they inter act with and when they return to the ship other passengers may become sick from them as well. Take the time to read MSC Cruise line reviews you will see why they offer the best deals in the industry.

I’ve heard of case’s of food illnesses on cruise lines, but I believe those individual case’s are far and few in between. Unfortunately for the cruise lines select certain foods can become contaminated either before or after they reach the ship. Sometimes this can be from poor handling of delicate foods or seafood that have certain requirements to stay fresh.

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a bad experience on any of the three cruises that I went on to Caribbean locations. Two of my cruises were on MSC cruise lines and they were everything expected and then some, both trips were excellent.

msc cruise line


Cruise Deals

MSC Cruises have some really exciting offers that you can choose from at very good prices with some excellent perks.

ALL IN – An all-inclusive type of package in which you will receive free WiFi and unlimited free drinks on trips to the Caribbean. Cruise the Eastern/Western Caribbean or Canada/New England on one of the 4 ships and get this deal.

MSC Yacht Club – The most affordable luxury in cruising with 7 night all-inclusive cruises starting from $1109.pp. The MSC Yacht Club is an exclusive on board sanctuary designed with the highest standard of elegance.

Escape To Sea – MSC has the best rates on Caribbean cruises with 7 nights starting from $409.pp thru 2020 sailings. Specials start from $349. on one of 4 beautiful ultra ships: MSC Seaside, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Divina, MSC Armonia.

Couples Cruise – Start planning the trip of a lifetime and take advantage of MSC 2 for 1 cruise deals, two cruise for the price of one. Visit romantic breathtaking destinations with the one you love, book a couples cruise with MSC cruise lines.

Caribbean Last Minute Cruise Deals – Hop on a last-minute Caribbean cruise and enjoy tropical destinations including Jamaica, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Bahamas and more, plus for limited time get free unlimited drinks!

Mediterranean 2 For 1 – Exceptional 2 for 1 deals on 7 day Mediterranean cruises on the breathtaking MSC Meraviglia. Enjoy free dinner and a Cirque Du Soleil at sea show, book a cruise for Genoa-Italy, Barcelona-Spain, Marseille-France.

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MSC Cruises serve destinations all over the world aside from the beautiful Caribbean and Mediterranean ports of call that are absolutely breathtaking. You can book a cruise to specific locations like Northern Europe or experience the extravagant luxury of destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India.

Some other locations include South America where you can experience sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters. All the cities along the coast are authentic jewels and can be explored with the excursions organized by MSC. Enjoy the expanse of glittering Brazilian beaches of Copacabana in Reo de Janeiro or Praia do Futuro in Fortaleza.

Explore the southern parts of Africa that offers a travel experience which is unique, where nature reigns with its breath taking landscape, amidst volcanoes, giant reefs of smooth dark granite rock, soft skies and lagoons suspended in time. Giving life to a great and multifaceted continent, book a South America cruise with MSC Cruises.

Discover the abundant ancient Chinese temples and skyscrapers of Hong Kong and Shanghai with an MSC cruise to Asia. Explore some of the most beautiful islands and countrysides of Japan and the Republic Of Korea, the far east has never been so close when you book a cruise on an MSC Cruise.

Chinese Pagoda Temple


Discover MSC

MSC Cruises offer truly customized experiences that are designed to service and accommodate the passengers every need. Take the time to choose a preferred stateroom type you also choose which unique experience you would like associated with your planned cruise experience. Each planned cruise experience comes with special perks and privileges.

MSC Cruises offer options such as the fantastic value of the Bella Experience, where you reap all the wonderful benefits of cruising plus adding on à la carte of amenities. With the Fantastica Experience, MSC Cruises deliver passengers extra perks including 24-hour room service and conveniently located staterooms, or book the Wellness Experience powered by Technogym dedicated to health and fitness.

And the last one is the Aurea Experience, with its dedicated spa package, unlimited drinks with Easy package, and My Choice Dining gives passengers the most relaxation and flexibility during your vacation. MSC Cruises are the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity can be found in the MSC Yacht Club. Choose an ideal experience and discover a world of possibilities.

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Becoming an MSC Voyagers Club member allows you to delve into a world full of privileges that will continue to grow with every booked cruise with MSC Cruises. This is MSC Cruises way of saying thank you to loyal guests who share their passion for discovery and keep joining them over the years.

Register with Voyagers Club to receive exclusive privileges, including a 5% discount on your cruise fares to booked destinations. Anyone who sailed with MSC since 2006 or have a confirmed booking, apply now it’s 100% free…

voyagers club

My Booking

Make the most out of your vacation, make your cruise even more special to your individual desires and over all needs. You can enrich and personalize your cruise by choosing from MSC Cruises inviting range of extra options to choose from. Want to add an all-inclusive drink package? Or plan some pampering in the spa? Let the happiness flow…..

After a morning in the gym or an afternoon in the sun, there’s nothing better than a cool, refreshing drink. Feel like a cocktail before dinner, a fine wine with your meal or a glass of your favorite liquor to complete the evening? After a morning in the gym or an afternoon in the sun, there’s nothing better than a cool, refreshing drink.

Feel like having a cocktail before dinner, a fine wine with your meal or a glass of your favorite liquor to end the evening? Enjoy a wide variety of bars and restaurants on board and a range of drink packages to choose from, there’s no limit to how you satisfy your thirst. Take advantage of a wide variety of special packages to turn your cruise into your dream vacation.

With a wide variety of bars and restaurants on board and a range of drink packages to choose from, there’s no limit to how you satisfy your thirst. Take advantage of the variety of special packages to turn your cruise into a lifetime dream vacation.

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MSC Cruises

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Villiers Private Jet Charter Review

  • Villiers Private Jet Charter
  • Villiers Jets earns a 5 star review – based on several notable factors.
  • Free membership into their Jetclub – Earn points for future rewards.
  • Empty Leg Flights – Save up to 75%
  • Personal Agent – Connect with your phone for talk and text.
  • Worldwide Destinations.

5 star jet service


Like all the regular airlines with Villiers, you can instantly search for any flights from the search box tool on the main page. For every flight I’ve ever booked I used the search box to navigate the best date and time to book my new flight destination.

Villiers allows you to Compare the best private jet charter prices from a global network of over 9000 part 135 certified private jets across 40,000 locations worldwide. You can search for the best deals for any flights that are one-way, round trip or multiple legs and you can add filters like WiFi and then add the number traveling for the deals to show up.

private jet search


With Villiers, you will receive the most competitive quotes from across the market for all over the world flight destinations. Enjoy benefits from the comprehensive service and advice offered by Villiers team of knowledgeable agents prior to booking.

Experience the best customer service with any question you need answered by simply contacting a dedicated Villiers agent. Connect with your own personal agent with up-to-the-minute itinerary straight to your phone for your personal convenience.

private jet booking


With Villiers, you can confirm your flight details and be in the air within as little as 2 hours of your request. Save hours traveling and have more time to spend at your destination. Avoid the normal hustle of large crowded airports and the extensive travel requirements and security requirements for commercial airlines when you book a private jet with Villiers.

Villiers Jets focuses completely on the clients and their needs which is why they can have you in the air in as little as 2 hours. Once you fly using Villiers Jets you will want to use them for your future trips whether it’s for business or pleasure. There’s a huge reason Villiers Jets gets a 5 star rating, customer service in flight assistance is another one of the reasons.

private jet charters


With Villiers, you can book flights and earn points to enjoy rewards for every time you fly with Villiers. With each Villiers flight booked you will earn JetClub points.

These Jetclub points can be redeemed against future flights as well as exclusive member offers. This is Villiers way of giving something back and saying thank you for using their service.

A membership with Jetclub is completely free and is available exclusively to anyone who books their flights with Villiers.

jetclub free membership


Charter via text with direct access to your dedicated agent via a telephone number for your exclusive use. Your dedicated agent will deal with your exact requirement efficiently and without the need for an account number.

Your dedicated agents will text your information directly to your phone and if needed will call you anytime you want to speak live to an agent.

Villiers Jets typically common clients may include corporations and businesses needing to move key executives between time-critical meetings, high net worth individuals and family offices, and those with requirements that of which commercial airlines are usually unable to cater for.

Other types of Villiers Jets customers include high net worth clients flying to exotic locations around the world for pleasure. Whether clients are skiing in Switzerland or visiting London, Villiers Jets has flown clients to locations all over the world


dedicated personal service


An empty leg, or empty sector, is an unsold portion of a booked one-way private charter flight on a specific private charter. Usually, a private charter need to fly empty back to position in for the next customer or return to its home base after a booked flight. This type of return flight is what most in the industry call an “empty leg”.

The empty leg flights can save up to 75% of the standard price of a normal booked private chartered flight to a destination. With the empty leg flights the prices can be negotiable especially if you’re willing to be a bit more flexible in your travel plans. In many cases empty leg flight opportunities happen at the last minute and will potentially offer you a great deal of savings.

Everything mentioned above describes the pro’s of empty leg flights and now we will look at a few of the con’s of traveling on empty legs. There are only three that need mentioning and the first being that empty legs are only available for one-way flights. The second would be the empty leg routes available are limited and third is that they are only available on short notice and subject to change. In some cases it may be possible to find empty legs for your return trips.

empty leg seats




worldwide charter jets

Villiers Private Jet Charter

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Luxury Home Rental Deals

Who doesn’t like a vacation? Some of my favorite memories are from awesome vacations I’ve been on where I opted to rent a house or cabin. Last year I rented a beautiful house overlooking a huge lake in upstate New York for a week and I had my family and friends come to the lake house to visit with my wife and I.

If you didn’t read my about me I will tell you I am an affiliate marketer and I own a small business I run every day when I’m not working online on my websites and blogs. The reason I made this post is that I market a few different rent a house type of programs either for owners to rent the property out to vacationers or for vacationers to rent out the homes.

In this post you will only find Turnkey vacation rentals because they’re simply the best company there is in the business. Sometimes it becomes obvious that a company may outshine the others and it isn’t worth promoting the other businesses. That’s exactly what happened in the case here with Turnkey vacation rentals who can boast a 98% satisfaction rate.

Vacation Rental

There are 55 locations in 20 states of various well-known vacation areas within the USA. The states included are Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

You can search the properties by in putting your specifics and search for the available properties fitting your search query. The properties are all quite beautiful and the luxury is abounded at every location available to you for your vacation rental. Turnkey is with you every step of the way with full service customer support and totally key less entries with codes for you.

TurnKey Vacation Rentals


Key less entries is just one of the many amenities that you receive when you book your vacation home at Turnkey rentals. Some other amenities include free high speed wireless internet, a digital concierge home tablet and a starter set of toiletries for your arrival to your vacation home.

The other amenities may include the view on a lake or a beautiful mountain top location with ski resorts near for your vacation. Every town available with Turnkey have well-known things to do that you can add to your vacation itinerary for the best time. Check out the towns and do searches of what’s available to you instead of staying in some motel somewhere try Turnkey.

TurnKey Vacation Rentals

Property Management

Turnkey lets you relax while they handle everything with your vacation rental property for total peace of mind of your investment. They will have your property listed on over 50 of the top vacation rental sites with a huge amount of people looking at your property to rent for their vacations.

They also share the listing with their entire database of over 100,000 of potential known vacation home renters on the list. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to lift a finger because local teams and technologies not only market and maintain any rentals, they’ll handle the entire guest experience.

Earn More Money

With Turnkey you earn more than when you work with other companies because Turnkey charges about half of what all the competition charges to manage your listings. This is done by using an algorithm that books the home more often and provides increased revenue for both the owners and for Turnkey as well.

Your home will always be guest ready since they’ll perform rigorous inspections regularly, manage using their local vendors and they keep the housekeeping staff busy keeping your investment ready for the next guests coming to stay in your home. Without a doubt Turnkey is the best offer for the money and are a complete full service for your home management needs.

Best Vacation Rentals

Your guests will enjoy the experience of a fine hotel and they may re book the home for the next year as many people do. Having your home listed by Turnkey is a very wise investment because they do it all and they do it for half the normal costs. Please click the links to see the complete details on listing your home as a rental with Turnkey and eliminate any worries.

Why not be able to kick-back and relax while Turnkey manages all guest communications, complete in-depth background checks, offer tailored itinerary suggestions, answer questions 24/7, manage property damages (only 3 out of 1,000 TurnKey checkouts see damages), and they even make house calls. You, and your guests, will be impressed with Turnkey’s quality of service – every time.

Turnkey will work tirelessly to keep you compliant with any tax, license, and regulation changes for the area of your property. Click the link and see why I say that Turnkey is the best out there for an investment property owner to use as their service.

Make more money and provide a great guest experience for less. Try TurnKey

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Moon Palace Review – Mexico

The Palace Resorts properties are some of the most beautiful resorts in the world and they have 10 properties that are all luxury high end resorts with plenty of services and perks for the guests who stay with them. Three of the properties are Moon Palace Resorts with one of them located in Jamaica and the other two located in Cancun Mexico. All the Palace Resorts properties are located in Jamaica and Mexico and they are all beautiful oceanfront locations with a ton of amenities.

The resorts offer many services for any different needs including weddings, business meetings or group discounts for large parties staying at any Palace Resort location as a group. This is a must for wedding parties to accommodate friends and family at a nicely discounted rate. There are some services offered free of charge that include free WiFi and free long distance calls to the Continental US.

The Palace Properties are rated 4 and 5 stars in most reviews and there’s a good reason for that high of an over all review. The Chefs at all the Properties are award-winning culinary masters and the properties themselves are all award-winning. Palace Resorts also created the Palace Foundation, an outstanding foundation noted for their work helping sick children with free trips to Disney and the foundation also gives students educational scholarships as well.

Professional golfer Lorena Ochoa, who played on the U.S.-based LPGA Tour from 2003 to 2010, and was the top-ranked female golfer in the world for over three years is partnered with Palace Resorts and the Palace Foundation. Together with Fundacion Palace, Ochoa hosts Palace Resorts’ annual golf tournament at their signature property Moon Palace Cancun. Participants test their skills at the resort’s challenging Jack Nicklaus course, the first of its kind in the Mexican Caribbean.

The proceeds of the tournaments go towards the maintenance and enhancement of the Palace Foundation’s Casa Hogar, an orphanage where local Mexican children receive housing, healthcare and formal education. Proceeds also go towards giving academic scholarships to the students of the La Barranca Educational Center, the main project of the Lorena Ochoa Foundation. Golfers from all over the world join Ochoa and Palace Resorts executive teams with the traditional welcome dinner at The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun Crystal Salon.

The Palace Resorts Moon Palace gets a 5 star rating because of location, amenities, room quality and the service staff. Most anything you need is readily available by simply asking, service and hospitality is what they’re noted for with guests who stay. You can sit at the Tiki bar in a hanging swing or hang at the pool bar in the water or out of the water all while enjoying a cocktail of your choice. Palace Resorts are very family friendly and offer many families activities for kids of all ages from young to teenagers.

Moon Palace Cancun


There are plenty of activities that will keep you busy at Palace Resorts Moon Palace with unending days of non-stop fun. Everybody likes riding the water wave called Flowrider, it’s a kids favorite, but adults also love riding the wave. For any children they offer the children’s club which they call the playroom for children to 12 years old, under 4 supervised.

These activities are offered between two playrooms, one is called Sunrise and the other is called Nizuc and they are open from 9am until 10pm every day. The activities include a dollhouse, a creativity area, an Xbox and PlayStation room, a theater with cushioned seats, labyrinth, a sandbox, a baby area, a swing garden, monkey bars and a seesaw.

Adults can experience the Awe Spa and treat themselves to pampering with hydrotherapy massages, bath therapy’s, facials and body scrubs all done in one of 36 spacious treatment rooms. The Wired Lounge is an awesome place where you have an arcade and console video games with internet access for you to play. They also serve a specific food menu and you can stay and play for as long as you wish.

You can enjoy many tours that are absolutely spectacular of Mexico areas like the ancient Mayan temples or maybe you prefer to do a snorkeling tour. You can take the jungle tour through the mangrove jungle of the lagoon on the Aqua Twister jet boat and you can snorkel from the boat as part of the package you choose for any stay with Palace Resorts.

They offer special activities including bicycles, swimming, poolside games and contests and in the evenings they offer musical acts, themed parties, karaoke and a Mexican Fire Show. For nightlife, they have bars and clubs where you can dance all night to DJ’s who keep the party going. NOIR serves top shelf alcohol and has a VIP section with bottle service. Moon Palace also offers unlimited golf on their Jack Nicklaus signature 27 hole golf course.

Parents get an absolute deal for families since kids and teens stay free, you only pay for mom and dad when booking any rooms. Receive a 45% discount when you book your Moon Palace stay from the banner on this page for a limited time. You can book memories at a great discount for a luxury Moon Palace vacation that anyone would love and cherish.



The accommodations at Moon Palace are as such; Superior Deluxe Resort View, Superior Deluxe Garden View, Superior Deluxe Ocean View, Superior Deluxe Ocean Front, Junior Suite Golf, Concierge Level, Wellness Suites, Family Deluxe, Ambassador Suite and the Presidential Suite.


Clubs & Bars

There are four bars and clubs at Moon Palace Mexico, each one different than the other and all are exceptionally beautiful. CLUB UNIQUE will have you dancing all night long in paradise lit up to hot beats with live DJ’s and perfect cocktails to enjoy. THE PUB takes you to England and is a perfect traditional pub to watch games or see live music while enjoying a pint of ale. The futuristic SKYBAR boasts an expansive collection of craft cocktails from signature specials to blended old favorites. LOS COLUMPIOS BAR is definitely different and absolutely awesome as you sit on swings enjoying any cocktails at the tiki bar.



The selection of dining choices are quite impressive with a wide range of cuisine including Asian, Seafood, Mexican, Italian and International foods as well. There is JC Steak House, Palapa Asadero and Arrifices and so many other restaurants plus a fine bakery and plenty of clubs and bars to choose from that also serves food to make each night one to remember forever.



There are several ways to get around Moon Palace, you can walk if you want to of course, but Moon Palace also offer  bicycles or a bus that will take you around the property or you can use their golf carts to navigate the property for you to enjoy your stay with Palace Resorts.



Palace Resorts is the perfect luxury resort destination for many types of celebrations including weddings, Honeymoons, renewal of vows and anniversaries. They offer discounts for groups in any wedding party, a must for any guests attending any wedding or for the people that are part of the wedding itself. Palace Resorts offers their experienced wedding planners that will help you plan any special event from start to finish.


Resort Credits

Resort credits are spendable on rounds of golf, tours and spa treatments and they are given depending on any stay time with the resort. For a stay of 3 nights you receive a $500. Resort credit, 4 nights is a $750. Credit, 5 to 8 nights is a $1500. Credit, 9 to 11 nights is a $2000. Credit and a 12 night stay is a $2500. Credit. That gives you plenty to spend on your activities while staying at Palace Resorts.

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Ultimate Weddings At Palace Resorts

Why Choose Palace Resorts

Imagine a wedding party on the beach in Mexico or Jamaica located at a highly rated oceanfront resort venue with your closest friends and family enjoying every second of the specially planned very extravagant wedding event.

The Palace Resorts are award-winning oceanfront properties that well exceed the exuberance of luxury for today’s modern luxury weddings and they have been ranked in the top 10 destination wedding locations.

Most luxury destination locations weddings take place in beautiful stunning exotic locations much like any of the Palace Resorts oceanfront properties.

One of the most beautiful wedding destinations you could experience before you decide to say “I DO” would be Moon Palace Jamaica. They know how much you will love the resort and they offer an all-inclusive 2 night free stay so you can see it first.

There are terms and conditions to the offer but you can preview paradise before you get married, they work with you for the best dream wedding you could ever plan on in your lifetime.


Award Winning Properties

Palace Resorts has won numerous awards over the years and the most recent was in November 2018 when they won three Travel Weekly Magellan awards. The chefs at Palace Resort restaurants are award-winning chefs as well with a beautiful outstanding menu that you will love. Another reason Palace Resorts is considered the best to me is the Palace Foundation who are outstanding and have helped special needs kids with trips to Disney and so much more.

The wedding location really matters on you’re wedding day and finding the perfect location for a memory that lasts forever is priceless. Some people have their weddings in some of the most beautiful wedding destinations all over the world and Palace Resorts is one of the most beautiful oceanfront wedding venues today. Do you want one of the most unforgettable wedding ideas for your special day? Then take a peek at Palace Resorts Paradise Weddings and start planning your big day.

To plan your perfect wedding take a look at paradise beach weddings website and take a tour of what is available for you’re wedding party and also the extra perks for the bride and groom as well. The Paradise Moon Palace Jamaica is a beautiful award-winning luxury Palace Resort property that is a favorite for many wedding parties, but all the Palace Resorts properties are the best oceanfront wedding destinations to plan your ultimate wedding destination.


Wedding Planning

An elaborate wedding has so many things to plan out for the event and for any ultimate wedding planning with an epic hotel wedding you will need help with everything and Paradise Weddings has your back. Paradise Weddings will be with you from day one, all you have to do is ask and they will be there to help you plan your perfect wedding day. Take advantage of these highly experienced planners to make you’re wedding the most perfect event that will fill you with a lifetime of memories.

Check the schedule for Palace Resorts wedding event previews and book your free 2 night stays after signing up with your email and current information. There sure aren’t many resorts that offer this kind of luxury to anyone with a price tag of free. Of course there are terms attached to the deal, but the deal exists and you can get it if you want to preview you’re wedding venue. Palace Resorts allows you to see everything about the venue before you get married or spend your honeymoon at their resorts. That sounds like an incredible way to see just how you want to plan the ultimate event of your lifetime.


Religions and Cultural

Palace Resorts Weddings cater to non-denominational, Catholic weddings, Jewish interfaith weddings, Indian weddings and Mayan Ceremonies. Any other religion types are welcome and they will help you with arrangements if you need the help. Classy wedding venues with Palace Resorts are spectacular oceanfront events and they have you covered for all of your religious and cultural needs so you can plan your beautiful wedding day ceremonies accordingly.

Let Palace Resorts planners speak to you about any specific needs for your religious ceremonies and have them show you all of your available options. Start planning a wedding with Palace Resorts and you will be able to all say together that we just planned our perfect wedding. You will have peace of mind knowing you took care of every detail and you are staying at the best oceanfront wedding destination in beautiful Jamaica or Mexico destination resorts.

Wedding and Honeymoon

Palace Resorts has offers like $1500 USD Resort Credit good for spa treatments, golf and much more. You can add free WiFi to the list of perks and free calls to the continental US and Canada. Take advantage of an unbelievable 40% off on booking your honeymoon with Palace Resorts and get ready to feel the love of a lifetime with your spouse while you are being pampered and catered to with the kind of services only a highly acclaimed resort like Palace Resorts can provide.

Check out the available dates to Preview Paradise with Palace Resorts and select your best available time to schedule a visit to tour the resort or simply discuss your needs via a phone and email for you’re wedding and or honeymoon stays. Discover why Palace Resorts are the most beautiful highly rated award-winning hotels located in the most serene beautiful exotic oceanfront locations between Mexico and Jamaica.

Palace Resorts also provides group party rates for planned wedding events to accommodate your guests for the wedding. There are other promotions that include $1000 entertainment credit that could be used for a band or whatever you may need. You really should consider taking a look into Palace Resorts when you are planning your paradise wedding venue. Create a wedding and honeymoon that will give you a lifetime of memories where you want to come back and celebrate your future anniversaries. Start planning the wedding, the wedding reception and the honeymoon and create a magical lifetime memory when you book the venue with Palace Resorts.

Thanks for reading this article review of the beautiful oceanfront Palace Resorts Paradise Weddings located in Mexico and Jamaica.
Best wishes and I hope you find the Palace Resorts properties to be the absolute perfect wedding destination location for your venue.

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